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《Viola Sonata for viola and piano op.11, No.4, Mov. 1》

Paul Hindemith (1895-1964)

Joachim Tielke ,Va (c. 1695)
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As a violist and violinst, German composer Paul Hindemith completed the “Sonata for viola and piano, Op. 11, No. 4” in 1919. The three movements — Fantasia, Theme and Variation, and the Sonata-form Finale — are connected with no breaks between the movements. The first movement — Fantasia — is selected for this album. From the very beginning the piece modulates frequently, conveying an intense restlessness. The gorgeous figures in the piano accompaniment, the mystical chromaticism, and the faintly melancholic harmonies together bring out the exquisite melody of the viola. The viola and piano respond in turn to the varied theme, with complex and diverse rhythms, until the piece reaches its climatic ending. The composer then repeats short thematic motives and ingeniously leads the music to the next movement. The magnificent, flowing melody of the viola and the rich, varied harmonic colors of the piano evoke an exotic and faraway landscape in the mind of the listener, allowing you to roam freely in the depths of your imagination.