Music Appreciation

《Romance for Violin and Orchestra in G major, Op. 40》

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Leonhard Maussiell, Vi (1722)
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Beethoven was an important composer of the late Classical period, and also opened Germany’s door to Romanticism. The “Romance for Violin and Orchestra in G major” was composed between 1802 and 1803. Although the “Romance for Violin and Orchestra in F major” was written in 1798, it was not published until 1805. Written during his most prolific period, these two pieces are considered two of the subtlest and most elegant compositions that Beethoven ever wrote. The violin introduces the main theme, and then the piano repeats it. After both instruments repeat the theme again, the piano continues for four more measures, ending the first theme. The violin introduces the gorgeous second theme, which is in e minor, while the piano plays the end of the first theme. The two melodies have an intriguing dialogue with each other. The first theme returns at measure 75 during the coda, and then the piece ends splendidly with the whole orchestra in a fortissimo.